BACnet Integration Level Device

BACnet Web Embedded F.C.U Controller

WC-FB is a B-AAC class BACnet LAN communication integration controller.


WC-FB is a B-AAC class BACnet LAN communication integration controller. It has a Router function, Stand alone, and Web Embedded operation system. It is possible to remote control fan coil units in another building.

Users can monitor and control each individual FCU or a group of fan coil units through an internet browser. Control functions include Start/Stop, Temperature Setting, Fan Speed Setting, Scheduled On/Off etc. The user can monitor temperature, fan speed, and system status remotely. The WC-FB has a BACnet Ethernet port which enables information to be passed to the BACnet Management level.



  • Conforms with BACnet MS/TP, BACnet Ethernet ISO-8802-2, BACnet/IP protocol formulated by ASHRAE, fully compatible with any BACnet system.
  • 32-bit high performance MCU, frequency 180MHz.
  • 64MB SDRAM and 16MB memory for program. Maximum 2GB memory SD Card selectable.
  • One 1000VDC electrical isolated protected MODBUS RTU RS-485, it can connect up to 32 DFC or DT AHU Controller with
    transmission speed up to 76,800bps, 1200M
  • One MODBUS RTU Slave mode MSnet port for user interface devices which will work with control panel DSP20U.
  • Web pages Embedded in operation system hardware. (WebKit software is provided for webpage edit). Web page can be plain text or graphic floor plan.
  • 12 control group can be set up with a unique password for each group. Each group can set four time actions for each day in a week. These time action includes Start, Stop, Force Start, Force Stop, Start Energy Saving, Stop Energy Saving.
  • Passwords include, System, Area, and Group passwords. Each of these 12 Group has its own unique password. This security system prevents unauthorided operation.
  • On-line editing, downloadable logic program as well as real-time program debugging function.
  • Operation functions include proportional, integration, differential, floating, logic, mathematic, and subroutine etc
  • Real-time clock, 10 Calendars, 100 Schedules, 10 Notification Class, 100 Event Enrollments, standard BACnet object. Schedules and event enrollments support external object access function.

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