AIRTEK Australasia

In early 2008, AIRTEK Australasia was formed after the now director of AIRTEK Australasia recognised an opportunity to join a developing Building Management company that had vast experience and knowledge in the field of intelligient building automation controls. It was evident that AIRTEK International was not just a manufacturer but installed, serviced and maintained customer's buildings installed with AIRTEK equipment. This meant that the product would be constantly developed and tweaked to perfect a robust system that would be simple to install, program and maintain.

The fact that AIRTEK controls uses BACnet Protocol and are BTL listed means they are future proof and compatible with other BACnet Manufacturers, as well as providing different protocol conversion modules.

AIRTEK Australasia has now expanded its region of support to Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands. A rapid expansion is expected with new products being constantly developed and implemented to enhance an already expansive range of products.