Car Park CO System V3.0

Using the latest Bacnet/Modbus controllers, we are pleased to announce that we have developed a Car Park Ventilation CO (Carbon Monoxide) Monitoring/Control System which can be purchased as a standard off the shelf system or we can customise it to suit your exact requirements.

When it comes to ventilation of enclosed spaces, there are two options.

OPTION 1 - Run your ventilation 24 hrs/7 days which will result in high energy costs and shorter life span of your equipment.


OPTION 2 - Install a smart energy efficient control system which will reduce your energy costs and extend the life cycle of the ventilation equipment but still maintain minimum air quality standards while having a pay back period of under 2 years.

We recommend OPTION 2. By using our Car Park CO System V3.0, we can save your business on energy costs.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Simplicity
  • User friendly multi-page touch screen that allows for fast and easy installation and commissioning which reduces servicing costs and is easy to trouble shoot.

How Does it Save Energy

Using CO level detectors, the smart controller can speed up or slow down the ventilation fans to maintain a safe air quality level.

The Smart Controller can be selected for either of two modes

  • Mode 1 - Peak Periods - The user can select the required speed and for how long on a daily basis to ensure there is no lag time before the sensor picks up on increased traffic.
  • Mode 2 - Purge Period - To meet NEW Australian Standards the enclosed space must achieve a minimum number of air changes per day regardless of CO levels.