GDS Standard Model Description

The Gas Detection Monitoring Controller is a pre-Built, pre-programmed controller that allows the user/installer to view, set up, test, commission and maintain the system via the touch screen.

The screen and controller can be tailor designed to meet your requirements, please contact us via our contact form or give us a call on 61 7 32690577 to discuss your project.

Version 1.0
1. 8 x sensor inputs (10k, 0-10vdc, 4-20ma, dry Contact).
2. 4 x Digital Outputs. (1 x Lo, 1 x Med, 1 x Hi Alarm Visual, 1 x Hi Alarm Audible (mute).
3. 1x Analogue Outputs for Fan speed control (0-10vdc).
4. 1x Analogue Outputs for sensor Hi Select (0-10vdc).
5. All I/O can be expanded up to 12 x Expansion modules (104 points)
5. Visual indication on Touch Screen.
6. Min & Maximum range settings.
7. Onboard A-O-M override switch's for Service and testing.
8. Password Protection.
9. Bacnet MSTP protocol.


Did you know?

Any commercial available sensor can be connected.
(0-10vdc, 4-20ma signals).

What can I use it for?

It can connect to a variety of sensors so therefore it typically can be used in Ammonia plants, Chiller Plant Rooms, Chemical storage rooms, Wine cellars; it can monitor just about any thing that has a sensor with a 0-10vdc or 4-20ma output. The controller's outputs can turn ON an alarm light and Audible siren and or control mechanical plant equipment such as fresh air and exhaust fans etc. 

Other features

  • Touch Screen on-board or remote mount up to 1200 meters away.
  • Can connect up to 12 expansion modules for additional monitoring or control.
  • Simple sensor Calibration page.
  • Simple Settings page for set Points, Min ON/OFF, etc
  • Password Protection.
  • Optional SMS module for remote Text messages and control.
  • Optional Web browser/server for remote access monitoring and control.
  • Bacnet Protocol for Building Automation connection.


  • BACnet BTL approved. (B-OD)
  • EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
  • FCC

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