Protocol Converter/Gateway

Panasonic Rs485 to BACnet Ethernet/IP & MODBUS TCP



PV-BMx1 has been specially designed to connect to the Panasonic CZ-CFUNC2 module and act as a Protocol converter (gateway) device to allow third party control systems to communicate (Control & Monitor) via BACnet (B-AS) or MODBUS/TCP protocols. The PV-BMx1 can Read/Write to the Panasonic VRF system giving the user more options to choose from.

Airtek “add on” suite of touch screens and Web interface module will enhance the Panasonic VRF system to meet the expectations of modern control system.


  • BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC).
  • Uses BACnet Ethernet or BACnet/IP, MODBUS TC.
  • MSnet port is used to connect Airtek DST color graphic touch screens.
  • One to One connection. One PV-BMx1 to one CZ-CFUNC2 only. The RS-485 port is Optically Isolated to 1,000VDC.
  • RS-232port is used to set up communication parameters via Airtek AD-Linker cable. A standard terminal software such as HyperTerminal or Airtek's free terminal software.
  • Standard BACnet Objects (Bv & Av) a total of 2500 for PV-BM11 and 5,000 for PV-BM21.
  • MODBUS TCP Server/Client protocol translates the CZ-CFUNC2 point’s to industry standard Modbus protocol. (Register/Coils).
  • Last point values are stored in FRAM (eeprom) memory during power outage.
  • Communication Fault monitoring to the CZ-CFUNC2 is provided.

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