BACnet Field Control Device

MODBUS to BACnet protocol interface

PC-ME11 is a protocol converter for integration of automation control system in industry or commercial building.


PC-ME11 is a protocol converter for integration of automation control systems in industrial or commercial buildings. Integration of two different communication systems is possible by using MODBUS RTU/ASCII protocol and BACnet Ethernet protocol.

PC-ME11 is useful for integration of MODBUS RTU/ASCII communication devices such as AHU, FCU network, chiller system, lighting system, multi-function meters, fire alarm system, and elevator control system. The BACnet Ethernet protocol of PC-ME11 conforms with ANSI, ASHRAE, European, and ISO standard and is fully compatible to any BACnet system.


  • A BACnet Ethernet port which can be set to be either BACnet Ethernet or BACnet/IP port.
  • A MODBUS RTU/ASCII Master RS-485 and one RS-232 ports for connect to MODBUS RTU/ASCII Slave devices. LED indicator shows port communication status.
  • It has 1000VDC electrical isolated protection that can effectively avoid communication interference.
  • 1000 AV or BV points for data exchange between different protocol sources. Descriptions can be used for these points to make maintenance easy.
  • It has MODBUS/TCP Server function, read MODBUS/TCP client data from 20 devices.
  • MODBUS RTU/ASCII master port can be set up using BACsoft software. Supports floating point, long integer, BCD code and many other types of numbers.
  • Each analog point can be selectable do one times add/subtract/multiply/divide operation to adjust its value. This function eliminates the ratio or value adjustment operation at BACnet application level.
  • Programmable, online edit mathematic operations such as add/subtract/multiply/divide and logic operations such as AND, OR in program lines for flexible data usage and control.
  • User can set a “block data transfer” which minimises communication traffic rather than one-by-one data transfer. The lock size depends on the maximum size of MODBUS buffer available.
  • Power failure backup function, data stored in FRAM.

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