NVT35U - See also DST35U

Field Operation and Control Device

BACnet LCD Touch Screen Operator Display Panel

NVC51V LCD group control panel is a field operation man-machine interface for DF series microcomputer fan coil unit controller.


NVT35U touch screen panel is a BACnet B-OF level operator display panel. It uses a 32 bit microprocessor. Communication speed up to 76,800bps to 1,200M. Control pages of NVT35U are set by using AIRTEK BACsoft software.

The panel can display English, simplified and traditional Chinese fonts. It is connected to BACnet MS/TP network. User can read data of any device on the network. User can either control multiple devices with a NVT35U or control a single device with multiple NVT35U. Graphic display and touch screen makes the device easy for user.


  • BACnet B-OD control panel conform ASHRAE BACnet MS/TP
  • 3.5” screen, 65,535 color, touch screen TFT LCD, 320*240 pixel, setup with AIRTEK BACsoft software.
  • Selectable simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English, UTF-8 fonts, simplified and traditional Chinese can be display in the same screen graphic.
  • Four + F1 + F2 + F3 function keys, is system setup key. F1, F2, and F3 can be setup as function keys for switch
    display pages.
  • Update firmware and upload graphic pages by using a Micro USB cable.
  • 8M Bytes fonts and graphic memory. It can hold up to 25 pages display graphic. Actual pages depend on data size.
  • The panel can read property of a BACnet device on the network. The reading property can be logic, value, list, string, object, time, date, or list status of a bit string.
  • Display incoming alarm notification messages from any device on the network. Most recent 80 messages will be stored in
    message history.
  • 10 password levels, user can setup up to 20 passwords.
  • Has a BACnet MS/TP network communication quality monitor function.
  • Time synchronize function. Selectable to broadcast on the BACnet network.

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