BACnet Field Control Device

BACnet LAN viewer

NVP20V - BACnet Field Control Device - BACnet LAN viewer


NVP20V BACnet LAN viewer is a (B-AAC) grade multi-function high performance programmable BACnet controller. 32 bit high performance microprocessor. Communication speed up to 76,800bps.

NVP20V has an LCD display which can display English, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese. It works on MS/TP network for user to check or control devices on the network.


  • BACnet system compatible by conforms to the BACnet MS/TP communication open protocol which is developed by
    the Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE).
  • MS/TP Master-Slave/Token- Passing (Peer-to-Peer) master slave data communication, can integrate with other BACnet
    MS/ TP equipments.
  • Easy installation for both of indoor wall or panel mounted.
  • 144*64 LCD with 4 lines English or Chinese display, each line displays 18 English or 9 Chinese characters.
    LED with back light
  • 10KB display memory, can editor up to 999 pages with each page up to 64 points, can read write Present
    Value AI/AO/AV/BI/BO/BV and Priority Array of a device from a BACnet network.
  • Supports alarm message, show 20 group of alarm message from itself or other device.
  • Online edit, downloads control logical program, and stores in flash memory, procedure not vanish by long
    power failure.
  • Online real time program debug function, greatly reduce edit time.
  • Real time clock, and power failure backup, keeps time accuracy whenever there is a short time power off.
  • Provide proportional, integral, differential, floating, logic, arithmetic and process. etc., calculation functions.
  • 100 binary value (BV) points and 100 analog value points (AV) used for virtual any value.
  • Standard floating number calculation for analog point, has high precision, controls logical program and GUI
    application do not need to do times operation.
  • All BV and AV points have power failure memory function, automatically write into FRAM when power failure.
    Data can save more than 10 years.
  • BV and AO points have 16 layers priorities control function, Output according to its priority order.
  • Possesses 2 groups of calendars (Calendar) and 20 groups of schedules (Schedule) ,permit control inside or
    exterior point of.
  • Possesses 4 groups of Notification Class and 40 groups of Event Enrollment, permit monitor internal or
    external points and give alarm messages.
  • Support Real Time Trend Log. Save real time record and display it on LCD.
  • Selectable build in real time display charts.
  • Possesses password guard function, can avoid unauthorized operation.

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