MST32V (H)

Field Control Layer Device

Touch LCD control panel

MST32V - Field Control Layer Device - Touch LCD control panel


MST32V (Temperature only) & MST32V-H (Temperature & Humidity) LCD display panel can be connected to the MSnet Port on Airtek controllers only.

The large size back lit LCD panel has been designed for simple operation by the user. The panel allows the user to adjust Temperature Set point, ON/OFF, Fan Speed and Air Conditioning Modes, etc. The display panel can be mounted up to 100 meters away from the Airtek Controller.


  • Microprocessor Operation.
  • Connects to MSnet Modbus port (RS- 485 two-wire communication), 2 wires for DC power supply from the controller.
  • Built in self wakeup function (Watch Dog).
  • Selectable ON/OFF, Air Conditioning Mode (Auto/Cool/Heat/Fan only). Fan Speed (Auto/Lo/Med/Hi).
  • Large size back light LCD panel for clear display of temperature and Set Point values, display resolution up to 0.1.
  • Built-in temperature sensor, (Optional Humidity) can be read from the controller or use a hard wired senor on the controller.
  • Temperature display selectable for Celsius or Fahrenheit units.
  • Maximum and Minimum Set Point Lock function.
  • Controller time clock can be displayed or disabled.
  • 4 Levels of locking function to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Animated Fan speed display.
  • Soft Touch buttons for elderly access.


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