Field Control Layer Device

Unitary LCD Touch Panel

MFT28U LCD backlight touch panel is used with DF .. Series networking fan coil controllers.


MFT28U LCD backlight touch panel is used with DF .. Series networking fan coil controllers. It uses a two-wire Modbus RS485 network communication and can be connected to a single fan controller. The pre build graphic screen allows the user to execute typical control commands such as :- Manual start and stop, time schedule start and stop, temperature setpoint adjustment, delay timer shutdown, fan speed selection etc. The screen will display fan speed status, room temperature and setpoint indication, operation mode (Auto, Heat, Cool), fault alarm, delay stop time.

There are four dedicated function keys
(MFT28U+MFT28U + MFT28U+MFT28U ) , for quick set up and uses a 32-bit microprocessor for hi performance. The screen can be mounted up to a distance of 1,200 meters away from the controller. Screen images can be loaded using NFT editor software provided by AIRTEK. Corporate images or promotion content can be loaded in to the panel for automatic rotating advertising when in idle mode.
The internal clock can be synchronized with a central controller (BMS) or internet updates or manually set from the screen.


  • 32 bit microprocessor.
  • MODBUS communication to DFC series controller (SCnet).
  • 2.8 "screen, 262K color touch TFT LCD, resolution 320 * 240 modules, display color up to 65,536 colors.
  • Access to Advanced setting screen via control panel buttons.
  • 4 selectable background scenes each with cooling, heating, fan, (three different pages), total 12 pages.
  • Advanced Settings function selection screen there are selection modes for sleep, energy saving, scheduled on/off, timed shutdown, system configuration, product information, passwords etc.
  • Micro USB interface cable is used to update the firmware and upload pictures Information.
  • Variety of image can be stored in the unit for marketing purpose (up to 18 pictures), display unit act as an advertising panel when in “no operation” mode.
  • Features:- Password lock, selectable temperature units and background settings, buzzer, media player, brightness, clock mode.
  • Clock mode can be either selected for automatic synchronization from a central controller such as a BMS system or update via the internet. When in standalone mode the clock can be set manually.

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