BACnet Integration Device - BACnet Ethernet Global Controller



GC-RB23 is a B-BC class BACnet LAN communication integration controller. It has router function. Operate independently. The GC-RB23 has two network communication abilities, For upper level, it can link to a 100 Bases-TX BACnet Ethernet with selectable either the BACnet Ethernet (ISO-8802-2) or the BACnet/IP communication method. For lower level, it can link to three network of BACnet MS/TP, each MS/TP network can link up to 32 controllers, its communication speed can reach 76,800 BPS.

The MS/TP RS-485 interface has 1000V electrical isolated protection. GC-RB23 has programmable function and standard BACnet object, such as schedule, calendar and the event enrollment...etc. GC-RB23 device in conformity with international BACnet network communication and fully compatible with any BACnet system.


  • In conformity with BACnet MS/TP, BACnet Ethernet ISO-8802-2, BACnet/IP protocol formulated by ASHRAE fully compatible with any BACnet system.
  • B-BC level standard BACnet compliant controller plus the network router function.
  • Use 32-bit high performance MCU, frequency 133MHz.
  • 32MB SDRAM/96K RAM /512KB Flash, 512K FRAM for power failure memory, and optional SD card memory expension.
  • An Ethernet communication interface can be either BACnet Ethernet(ISO-8802-2) or the BACnet/IP communication protocol.
  • An MS/TP RS-485 communication interface, communication speed from 9.6 to 76.8 Kbps, having 2500Vrms electrical isolated protection and TVS ARRAY surge protection that can effectively avoid network abnormality signal influences.
  • Each MS/TP Port can connect up to 32 DAC or DSC series controllers.
  • A RS-232 initial setup port specializes for the device parameters modify using. Default value of this device can be modified by using null modem or AD-linker tool and the Hyper Terminal in the Microsoft Windows system.
  • On-line edited, downloaded the logic program as well as real-time program debugging function, significantly reducing the program logic the editor time.
  • Operation functions of proportional, integration, differential, floating, logic, mathematic, enthalpy and dew point etc. Program executes cycle time 1 second.
  • Real-time clock, 20 Calendars, 200 Schedules, 20 Notification Class, 200 Event Enrollments, 200 Trend-logs, standard BACnet object.  Schedules and event enrollments support external object access function.
  • Possessed 1,000 analog value (AV) points, 1,000 binary value (BV) points. The BV points have the priority function.

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