BACnet Integration Device - BACnet Ethernet Gateway

GC-DB01 - BACnet Integration Device - BACnet Ethernet Gateway


GC-DB01 is a standalone BACnet B-BC class Ethernet type programmable controller. It is designed for monitor and control building electromechanical device, large AHU, clean room, fume hood, large-scale end device control.

It has a 100M Bases-TX Ethernet port that can communication with operated workstation and global controller through BACnet Ethernet or BACnet/IP communication protocol. In addition it has an EIM port can connect up to 24 EIM modules. Another MSnet port can connect to an external LCD control panel to make user operation and control easily at job site.

GC-DB01 has programmable logic function and support standard BACnet object function such as calendar, schedule, notification class, event enrollment, trend–logs etc. It conforms international BACnet network communication and fully compatible with any BACnet system. It is absolutely the best product for your building.  


  • In conformity with BACnet MS/TP, BACnet Ethernet ISO-8802-2, BACnet/IP protocol formulated by ASHRAE fully compatible with any BACnet system.
  • Use 32-bit high performance MCU, frequency 55MHz.
  • 128K RAM /512KB Flash, 32K FRAM for power failure memory.
  • B-BC level standard BACnet compliant controller plus the network router function.
  • An Ethernet communication interface can be either BACnet Ethernet(ISO-8802-2) or the BACnet/IP communication protocol.
  • An MSnet communication interface can connect to a MST20V, MST20S, DSP20U control panel or a MODBUS RTU device.
  • An EIMnet communication interface can connect up to 24 EIM I/O expansion modules.
  • A RS-232 initial setup port specializes for the device parameters modify using. Default value of this device can be modified by using null modem or AD-linker tool and the Hyper Terminal in the Microsoft Windows system.
  • On-line edited, downloaded the logic program as well as real-time program debugging function, significantly reducing the program logic the editor time.
  • Operation functions of proportional, integration, differential, floating, logic, mathematic, enthalpy and dew point etc.  Program executes cycle time 1 second.
  • Real-time clock, 2 Calendars, 20 Schedules, 4 Notification Class, 40 Event Enrollments, 24 Trend-logs, standard BACnet object.  Schedules and event enrollments support external object access function.
  • Possessed 150 analog value (AV) points, 150 binary value (BV) points. These BV points have the priority function.

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