EIMnet Communication Protocol Module

EIM..M series of analog I/O expansion module is a remote control unit follows the format of MODBUS RTU communication rule, the main purposes is increase I/O points for AIRTEK DDC.


MODBUS RTU/ASCII communication format to communicate with third party devices. Compatible with any Airtek controller which has an EIMnet port. EIM..M uses 32-bit microprocessor core, transmission rate up to 38,400 bps. EIMXM is a standalone protocol converter for integration of the automation control system in industrial or commercial buildings. Application such as Electrical Meters, chillers, boilers, generators, UPS, Lift and Lighting systems etc.


  • RS-485 communication interface works with any AIRTEK controller which has an EIMnet port.
  • Address DIP switch can be set the range of 1 to 24.
  • LED send/receive communication indicator shows data transmission status.
  • Each module will occupied maximum 32 x BI or 32 x AI or 16 x BO or 16 x AO of EIMnet I/O Points.
  • EIM's BI/AO/BO/AO software points can be transfer into the DDC controller without complicated settings or conversion.
  • Provides RS-232 interface for internal parameters initial setup or modification. The default value of this device can be modified by using null modem or AD-linker tool and the specialized EIMXM editor software.
  • Slide track design for space-saving and easy installation.
  • Plug-in terminal blocks and LED Indicators of communication.

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