EIM..M Analog

BACnet Field Control Device

Analog I/O Expansion Module

PC-ME11 is a protocol converter for integration of automation control system in industry or commercial building.


EIM..M series of digital I/O expansion modules are designed as expansion modules for the Airtek range of controllers, the controllers must have an EIMnet port. EIM..M modules use a 32-bit microprocessor; transmission rates are selectable up to 38,400 bps. The analog input points have 12-bit resolution which provides high accuracy readings. The analog output points also have 12-bit resolution which can make a precise control. The physical points of EIM can be directly used by Airtek Controllers.

The advantages of using EIM..M modules is that they can be mounted in close proximity to the device being controlled this reduces cabling runs and allows the service technician to carry out diagnostics local to the device being monitored and/or controlled.


  • EIM modules work with any AIRTEK controller that has an EIMnet port.
  • Analog Input (AI) has 12-bit resolution, can be jumper selectable to accept 3KΩ or 10KΩ NTC thermistor, 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC, 0~20mA or 4~20mA input signal.
  • Analog Output (AO) has 12-bit resolution, can be DIP switch and software selected as 0~10VDC, 2~10VDC, 0~20mA or 4~20mA output signal, each point has a manual override/auto/off output control switch.
  • 8 MAC Address DIP switches for address 0~127.
  • Low cost expansion of existing controller, they can be remotely located near equipment to minimize control wiring.
  • I/O point of EIM modules are preset in the controller. No set up required, AI/AO of EIM will be AI/AO of the controller.
  • Din rail mounting for easy installation.
  • Plug-in terminal blocks and LED Indicators of communication and status are convenient for system debugging.


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