BACnet Field Control Device

MODBUS PID Temperature Controller

DTC4211M is a MODBUS PID temperature controller.


DTC4211M is a MODBUS PID temperature controller. It is designed for monitor and control building AHU or PAH. It uses 32-bit microprocessor core, is a networked-based controller, communication speeds up to 9,600 bps, the transmission distance up to 1,200 meters. DTC4211M has 4 Binary Inputs(BI), 2 Analog Inputs (AI), 1 Binary Output (BO), and 1 Analog Output(AO).

In addition it has MSnet port can connect to an external LCD screen control panel MST20V or MST20V, It is convenient for user field control and monitoring. DTC4211M conforms international MODBUS communication protocol and fully compatible with device of other brand. It is absolutely the best product for your building.


  • A stand alone 32 bits CPU with preset control firmware.
  • A FCnet communication interface connects to upper layer golbal controller.
  • A MSnet communication interface connects to a MST20V or MST20S control panel, convenient for user field control and motoring.
  • 4 Binary inputs(BI) accept dry contact or open collector signal to monitor running status, overload interrupt, filter, smoke detector.
  • 2 Analog Inputs(AI) 2-bit resolution, the first input accept 10KΩ (25℃) NTC thermistor, the second input accept 0~10Vdc or 4~20mA signal, to monitor valve position, humidity sensor, CO2 sensor. Input signal type is selectable by the system management software.
  • 1 Binary Output(BO) has 5A/250VAC/SPST dry contact capacity, can drive electric device directly.
  • 1 Analog Output(AO) with PID function, output signal 0~10Vdc.
  • Slide track design for space-saving and easy installation.

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