Field Operation and Control Device - LCD Control Panel

DSP20U - Field Operation and Control Device - LCD Control Panel


DSP20U is a man machine operation interface. It is specifically designed for DAC series controller. DSP20U has a 144*64 dots matrix display screen with back-light and eight input buttons.

It can monitor status of control points and let user enter set values for temperature, humidity etc. The display content is programmable. Users can edit the content of their favorite shows. DSP20U control panel is benefit for user to do field control and monitor.


  • 32 bit high speed microprocessor.
  • 144*64 LCD with 4 lines English or Chinese display, each line displays 18 English or 9 Chinese characters. LCD with back light.
  • Have Chinese and English language option, the system defaults to English language.
  • An MSnet communication interface can be connected to DAC series controller as a man machine operation interface..
  • Online edit display pages by BACsoft software, up to 999 pages can be edit, each page can have 64 points.
  • Supports AI / AO / AV / BI / BO / BV of six standard BACnet objects present value and 1~16 order of priority array of the read and write capabilities.
  • Built-in common Dynamic graphic display library, user-friendly edit the screen.
  • In system setting page, you can set login password, system parameters and view the recently 20 alarm message, the DAC controller’s firmware version, model and BACnet device profile information, the itself firmware version.
  • In system parameter setting page, you can set the device instance, MAC address, transmission rate, the system time, system date, LCD brightness control, backlight control, buzzer control, language selection, etc.
  • With 8 operation buttons for easy setting and adjustment of system parameters.
  • Login password can be divided operation and system password, to avoid unauthorized operation.
  • A hot-pluggable design, PLUG-IN junction terminals for easy test adjustment.
  • Easy installation for both of indoor wall or panel mounted.

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