BACnet Field Control Device

BACnet Application Specific Controller

DSC8846B - BACnet Field Control Device -BACnet Application Specific Controller -AIRTEK


DSC8846B is a standalone BTL listed BACnet B-ASC class programmable controller. It is designed for monitor and control of building mechanical Plant such as large AHU’s, clean rooms, fume hoods, chillers, boilers etc.

It uses 32-bit microprocessor, communication speeds up to 76,800 bps, transmission distance up to 1,200 meters. DSC8864B has 8 Binary Inputs(BI), 8 Analog Inputs(AI), 4 Binary Outputs (BO) and 6 Analog Outputs (AO). In addition, it has an EIMnet port can connect up to 12 EIM series of expansion modules, allowing an expandion in response to the needs of various applications.

The MSnet port can connect to an external LCD control panel or Modbus devices using RTU protocol. The DSC8846B is a BTL listed device, and is fully compatible with any BACnet system.    


  • BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC) class listed device.
  • An MS/TP (Master-Slave/Token-Passing) communication interface connect to the upper layer, global controller.
  • An MSnet communication interface can connect an MST, DSP, DST control panel or a MODBUS RTU device.
  • An EIMnet communication interface can connect up to 12 EIM I/O expansion modules, in response to the needs of various points
  • RS-232 interface can be connected via an AD - Linker cable any Terminal program for change of configuration.
  • Binary inputs (BI) with 1,000VDC optical coupling isolate capabilities and status indicators
  • Digital outputs (BO) optical coupling with 1,000 VDC isolation, status indicators, Triac. Each BO point has manually A-O-M toggle
    switch that can override the internal program, the toggle switch is internally monitored.
  • Analog Inpust (AI) have 16-bit resolution, they can be jumper selected to accept 10KΩ NTC thermistor, 0~10VDC or 4~20mA input
    signal and binary input (dry contact).
  • Analog Outputs (AO) have 16-bit resolution, 0~10VDC standard output signal. Each AO point has a manual A-M toggle switch with a adjustable pot that can override the internal program, the toggle switch is internally monitored.
  • DDC control programs can be edited online, downloaded live and real-time debugging. Program algerithims such as enthalpy, dew
    point temperature, PID control, HVAC common computing functions, logarithms, trigonometric functions, roots and Advanced Math
  • All analog input (AI), digital output value (BO), analog output (AO), digital software point (BV), analog software point (AV) write to the
    FRAM. Gold capacitor hold the memory for up to 10 years.
  • Onboard 100 Bv points (supports 16 Priority Array) and 100 Av points for calculation values, set points etc.

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