BACnet Field Control Device

Digital I/O Expansion Module

DIM….B is a standalone BACnet B-ASC class controller. It is designed for monitor and control building electromechanical device, AHU, clean room, fume hood, end device control.


DIM….B is a standalone BACnet B-ASC class controller. It is designed for monitoring and control of building electromechanical devices such as AHU’s, clean rooms, fume hood’s, end device control. It uses 32-bit core microprocessor, transmission rates selectable up to 76,800 bps and transmission distance up to 1,200 meters. The binary and pulse inputs are optical isolated to 5,000Vrms (noise protection), Binary inputs accept dry contact or open collector signal, Pulse inputs accept up to 100HZ per sec.

The binary outputs are a 5A/250VAC/SPST relay dry contact. The physical points of DIM modules are read/write capable from any Bacnet device on a MSTP Lan. DIM expansion modules are a low cost option for remote control making the arrangement of control points flexible and cost effective. DIM….B conforms to international BACnet MS/TP communication protocol and is fully compatible with any BACnet system.


  • Conforms to ASHRAE and ISO16484-1 defined BACnet MS/TP standard communication protocol, compatible with BACnet system.
  • A n MS/TP (Master-Slave/Token-Passing) communication interface, with Peer to Peer function.
  • Binary Input (BI) and Pulse Input (PI) have 5,000Vrms optical isolation capability and status indicator design.
  • Binary Output (BO) have 1,000Vdc optical isolation, status indicators and manual on/off/auto selection switch.
  • 8 MAC Address DIP switches for address 0~127. 
  • Can remotely located for reduction of cable runs.
  • Slide track design for space-saving and easy installation.
  • Plug-in terminal blocks and LED Indicators of communication and status are convenient for system debugging.

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