BACnet Field Control Device

Analog I/O Expansion Module

DIM….B is a standalone BACnet B-ASC class controller. It is designed for monitor and control building electromechanical device, large AHU, clean room, fume hood, large-scale end device control


DIM….B is a standalone BACnet B-ASC class controller. They have been designed for monitor and/or control of building electro-mechanical devices. They use a 32-bit microprocessor, transmission rates up to 76,800 bps, transmission distance up to 1,200 meter. Analog input points have 12-bit resolution which provides high accuracy resolution.

The analog output points also have 12-bit resolution for precise control. The DIM modules provide various combination of control points for low cost expansion to an Automation system. DIM….B conforms to international BACnet MS/TP communication protocol and is fully compatible with any BACnet system.


  • Conforms to ASHRAE and ISO16484-1 defined BACnet MS/TP standard communication protocol, compatible with BACnet system.
  • An MS/TP(Master-Slave/Token-Passing) communication interface, with Peer to Peer function.
  • Analog Input (AI) has 12-bit resolution, can be jumper selectable to accept 3KΩ or 10KΩ NTC thermistor, 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC, 0~20mA or 4~20mA input signal or dry contact.
  • Analog Output (AO) has 12-bit resolution, can be DIP switch and software selected as 0~10VDC, 2~10VDC, 0~20mA or 4~20mA output signal, each point has a manual /auto output control switch and onboard pot for manual control.
  • 8 MAC Address DIP switches for address 0~127. 
  • Low cost expansion to MS/TP network, adds flexibility.
  • Din Rail mount design for space-saving and easy installation.
  • Plug-in terminal blocks and LED Indicators for communication and status’s are convenient for system debug.

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