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ON-OFF spring return electric damper actuator

ON-OFF spring return electric damper actuator


This is a small electric damper actuator. Normally be used for variable air flow control device of cooling, heating, ventilation or the ventilation of an industrial process. It may also work with the other devices to control temperature, humidity or pressure.


The electric damper actuator NAFA.. series combines a "gear box", "holder" and "electric control circuit" to be an actuator. It has the following features.

  • ON-OFF, 3 points floating control.
  • This series has 8Nm torque, adapts to small damper.
  • Lock to the rotate bar. Round: φ 8~21mm, Square: 5~12mm
  • One SPDT dry contact can set position switch.
  • CW or CCW motor directional control.
  • Save energy when stop. Runs at low-noise.
  • Manual operation and setting the rotate angle.
  • Damper position display.


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