BACnet Field Control Device

BACnet SMS alarm module


DACSMSB is a standalone BACnet B-AAC class programmable alarm message sending controller.


DACSMSB is a standalone BACnet MSTP B-AAC class programmable controller that can also send and receive SMS text messages via 4G GSM network. It is BTL approved and certified therefore it is fully compatible with any BACnet system. The DACSMSB can receive any BACnet notification from any device on the network and send the message to up to 10 preset cellular phones.

Messages can be sent in a preset time zone and sent to a specific person according to the notification number. Messages can be sent to the controller for remote control of digital (Bo) and Analog (Ao) Outputs with a confirmation text back feature.


  • Conforms to ASHRAE and ISO16484-1 defined BACnet B-AAC standard communication protocol, compatible with BACnet system.
  • A MS/TP(Master-Slave/Token-Passing) communication interface, with Peer to Peer function, can read and write to other DDC’s issuing a read (DS-RP-A/DS-RPM-A) and write (DS-WP-A) BACnet object properties commands.
  • A MSnet Lan can connect a MST20V, MST20S, DSP20U, DST35U, DST28V control panel or a MODBUS RTU device.
  • An EIMnet Lan can connect up to 4 x EIM I/O expansion modules.
  • A RS-232 communication interface specializes for GSM module connection by AT command.
  • PIN code input mode available if necessary to input SIM PIN code.
  • Dual system of GSM 900/1800MHZ, applicable for most regions.
  • Support 160 English characters (contains alarm time and status).
  • Connect to GSM module by RS232 cable for remote location of Arial to achieve a better cell phone signal.
  • 2 Calendars, 10 Schedules, 10 Notification Class, 20 Event Enrollments standard BACnet object. Read or write 20 external
    devices with maximum 100 points.
  • Automatically send message of the BACnet notification to 10 preset cellular phones. Message can be send in a preset time zone
    and send to a specific person according to the number of notification.
  • A Configuration Port for setting and debug with AT command.
  • 150 AV and 150 BV points, 20 message commands. 10 phone numbers, 10 notification number for different receivers. 1 set of PIN code setting, 1 set of message setting code. Provides information about quality of signal, error code, error message, total messages in the waiting list.

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