BACnet Field Control Device

BACnet Advanced Application Controller

DAC8864B+ - BACnet Field Control Device - BACnet Advanced Application Controller


 DAC8864B+ is a standalone BACnet B-AAC class programmable controller with a custom configurable LCD control panel. It is designed for monitoring and control of devices such as, large AHU, clean room, fume hood, chillers, pumps etc. It uses 32-bit microprocessor core, transmission rate up to 76,800 bps, transmission distance up to 1,200 meter. DAC8864B+ has 8 Binary Inputs(BI), 8 Analog Inputs(AI), 6 Binary Outputs (BO) and 4 Analog Outputs(AO).

In addition it has an EIMnet port which can expand up to 12 EIM series modules in any combination, allowing you to expand in response to needs of various points. DAC8864B+ conforms and is tested to international BACnet MS/TP communication protocol and fully compatible with any other BACnet system.


  • Conforms to ASHRAE and ISO16484-1 defined BACnet AAC standard communication protocol, compatible with BACnet system.
  • An MS/TP(Master-Slave/Token-Passing) communication interface, with Peer to Peer function can read and write other DDC’s object, may issue a read (DS-RP-A/DS-RPM-A) and write (DS-WP-A) BACnet object properties function.
  • An EIMnet communication interface can connect up to 12 EIM I/O expansion modules.
  • Binary input (BI) has 5,000Vrms optical coupling isolator capabilities and status indicator design.
  • Binary ouput (BO) has 5,000Vrms optical coupling isolator, status indicators and 3 position selector switch (On-Off-Auto).
  • Analog Input (AI) has 12-bit resolution, can be jumper selectable to accept 3KΩ or 10KΩ NTC thermistor, 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC, 0~20mA or 4~20mA, Pulse input signal.
  • Analog Output (AO) has 12-bit resolution, can be software selected as 0~10VDC or 2~10VDC output signal, each point has a manual override/auto output control switch and adjustable pot for manual control.
  • User’s control program can be downloaded, edited and saved in flash memory of the controller.    
  • Can perform calculations such as proportional, integral, differential, floating, logic, arithmetic and etc.
  • 150 Binary Value(BV) and 150 Analog Value(AV) points, the analog value adopts high precision floating-point calculation.
  • Priority control array by 16 for all BO, AO and BV.
  • Power failure backup function for all AI/BO/AO/BV/AV values and stores in FRAM for at least 10 years.
  • Real-time clock, 2 Calendars, 12 Schedules, 4 Notification Class, 20 Event Enrollments standard BACnet object. Schedules and event enrollments support external object access function.

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