BACnet Field Device

Networking Fan Coil Unit Controller

DFC.. series networking fan coil unit controller is a multi-function, high performance, independents operate controller.


DFC.. series networking fan coil unit controller is a multi-function, high performance, independent operating controller, It uses a two-wire RS485 modbus communication and can network up to 32 x DFC3 controllers. A group control panel or a protocol converter to Bacnet can be connected to the local area network. A remote or local browser, or a group control panel can perform “all”, “group”, or “single” unit control and monitoring, other functions available are, temperature control, fan speed control, timer Off, schedule On/Off, field temperature values, system operation status, fan speed situation, running time accumulation, energy consumption, fault alarm.

DFC3. series controller is suitable for use in which there is a need centralized management or Independent control in buildings such as office buildings, five-star hotels or restaurants, large shopping centers, science and technology buildings, academic research institutions and production plants, even domestic homes.


  • 16 bit high performance microprocessor and FLASH power failure memory function. Independent Operation.
  • Included self wakeup function (Watch Dog) when software is down.
  • 0~24 hours power off timer and a daily On/Off timer, convenient for office usage.
  • Automatic fire mode, auto shut down when temperature exceed 55 deg Cel.
  • Return air temperature control, temperature control function is not affect by the position of panel installation.
  • Possess fully automatic, cooling, heating, fan, energy saving, comfort modes.
  • Automatic recovery after power failure (remembers last mode with sequentially restart by internal Node address).
  • Provide floating proportion, integral (PI) function, when used with three position motorized valve can obtained than the traditional ON-OFF valve for better temperature control accuracy.
  • Two sets of MODBUS RTU RS- 485 networks. One FCnet network for connection to a group control panel, and/or a protocol converter, and/or a BACnet web embedded F.C.U. controller for centralized management and control. One SCnet network can be connected to a MSC20V as an independent control, or cascading into a sub-network connected to a NVC51V centralized controller.
  • Internal 5A fuse protection.

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